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IdentifyUS offers several products to assist us (and you) in the collection, processing and identification of specimen samples. Some of these products are used to magnify, view or capture images of creatures that you may find, while others are for capturing, containing, preserving and sending samples to us for physical inspection. We do not resell chemicals, pesticides or insecticides, nor do we provide traditional on-site pest control services, thus we have no financial bias in the outcome of your specimen identification.

Feel free to examine the products listed here if you feel they will help you in the capture and identification process. If we have recommended one or more of these products to you for resale from our online store, please free to shop around elsewhere if you have any hesitation whatsoever in purchasing these products direct from IdentifyUS. We do appreciate your business and only sell and represent products we have worked with and tested ourselves. Of course your product recommendations and suggestions are always welcome too. 

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