What we do

IdentifyUS provides professional services to quickly identify pests and other items of interest or concern. We work with individuals, businessess, schools, laboratories, physicians, museums, libraries and just about anybody else who needs expert identification of a pest species. We concentrate on bed bugs, ticks, and head lice because the need is so great, however, we have broad entomological experience and are growing our network of experts to constantly expand our service offerings with a wider range of identification skills so check back for updated listings of pest species that we cover. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help identifying something of concern to you or if you are interested in partnering with us on identification services and visual search tools.

Fast, Expert & Comprehensive Services

We examine digital images you upload electronically to us and/or the actual items of interest that you physically send to us. We then provide you with answers and guidance from recognized experts in their respective fields. Currently, we will identify a wide range of insects such as bed bugshead licelouse eggs (‘nits’),fleas, beetles, flies, wasps, moths and ants, as well as ticks and mites. 

Are you concerned that:

If so, we can help solve your mystery and offer you useful information on what to do next. Learn more about why our services differ from others.

In the past, our services were offered through the Harvard School of Public Health, where we identified specimens for medical practitioners, laboratory workers, public health officials, pest control professionals, property managers and the general public. To serve you better, and to offer a wider array of services with the same great level of expertise and assurance, we have now transferred our operations to this independent website where we offer:

  • Confidentiality: Rest assured that we will not divulge your name or address to any other party without your permission.
  • Guidance: In addition to identifying pests, we will provide you with insight as to what, if anything, you might consider to eliminate the problem. We will also do our best to respond to your additional questions

Pro Bono Work

Because so much of our work has a public health component to it, we often times get inquiries for help from individuals who may not have the resources to pay for professional specimen identification. Of course we want to help everyone we can so from time to time customers will offer up a donation as a way to “pay it forward” to someone else that may benefit from their generosity. Rest assured that those contributions go a long way to helping others in need. We also target Pro Bono support services to other nonprofits that may benefit from implementing similar tools and methodologies to what we deploy here on this site as a way to jump start their efforts towards self-sufficiency.


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