Who we serve

IdentifyUS serves a broad set of customers ranging from one-off consumer level specimen submissions to ongoing professional support for a diverse set of hospitals, laboratories, clinics, tenant associations, government organizations and private businesses. We play an active role in an advisory capacity on a number of affiliate and partner websites and offer expert services to the legal industry as well. The following is a partial list of some of the sectors and clientele we engage with on a regular basis:

  • Hospitals and pathology labs
  • Private physicians and dermatologists
  • School nurses
  • Medical professionals
  • Private businesses including retail operations
  • Hotel and lodging establishments
  • Hospitality industry
  • Libraries, museums and other public institutions
  • Lawyers and law firms seeking expert witness skills
  • General public with specific pest questions
  • Military and government organizations
  • Port-of-entry and customs inspection

We are also able to offer our customers custom application development and cloud-based automation of forms data entry and  reporting. Typically this would include co-branded solutions for various species identification related projects. We use off-the-shelf, best-of-breed software platforms to create integrated solutions that solve business data managment and reporting problems to streamline operations. Contact us today if you have a need to automate paper based systems that lack a coordinated and cohesive data aggregation strategy and that can be deployed seamlessly from desktop to mobile device.

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