Where we are located

Samples can be sent to or dropped off at:

IdentifyUS LLC
320 Needham Street, Suite 200
Newton, MA 02464

You can drop off specimen samples at the lab, however, we are unable to offer walk-in consultation assistance as this is restricted, private lab space. If you make a drop off, be sure to mark your package clearly with: c/o IdentifyUS, LLC  Suite 200. That will help the receptionists direct your package to our attention.

Please read and abide by these critical requirements! Specimens must be packaged carefully, as follows:

  • If dry, the specimen should be secured within a break-resistant vial (such as a pill bottle), or a closed zipper lock bag.
  • If in liquid (such as rubbing alcohol), include only enough alcohol necessary to cover the specimen and ensure the contents are secure within a break-resistant and leak-proof vial or small bottle. Wrap this container with clean paper toweling, and package all of this within a closed zipper lock bag.
  • Package the vial, padding and bag within an envelope. Use a padded envelope or small box if needed for extra protection.
  • Include a completed specimen evaluation form or other authorization form with your specimen.
  • The outside of the envelope or box must be marked: IdentifyUS
  • Send the sealed package to the address shown above.

Drop off instructions

If you are local and wish to drop off a package, it must be prepared as described above. Any item not properly packaged may not be accepted, or it may be discarded if necessary.

The drop off location is at the corner of Needham Street and Christina Street in Newton, MA. The entrance from the street Is from Christina St.

Find and enter through the glass doors in the middle front of the building. Immediately ahead (NOT to the side), you’ll find another set of doors. The guard inside will unlock the door and accept the package if it is properly marked. Please try to arrive only between 8am and 8pm Monday through Friday. The location may be closed and locked at other times and on major holidays.

Map Location

Please note that this is only a secure drop off location. No one at this location can or should answer any questions, so please do not ask any. The package will be placed into a designated area and we’ll be notified of its arrival. We pick these up once or more often each day, and then begin the evaluation process for each. You’ll be notified by email soon after we have received and evaluated the item.

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