Why we're different

At IdentifyUS we examine the actual creatures you submit and/or your digital images. We then expertly and rapidly review what you submit to us as well as any other collateral information you provide. Based upon this review we then offer you our conclusions as to the true identity of the creature(s) and also provide you with further objective insight and guidance based on our findings. 

The specimens, images and information you provide may suggest that you’re dealing with an active (extant) infestation or simply with relics of a previous (now possibly extinct) infestation. For instance, you may discover dead or hatched louse eggs (but not live lice) on your child’s hair. This would confirm a past infestation, but not a current one. There would be no justification to treat without the presence of a live louse. Similarly, you might discover a carcass or cast skin of a bed bug in a dwelling, or a dog may detect a scent that may or may not be associated with an active infestation. Whereas these should stimulate efforts to be vigilant and to monitor the environment for these pests, a dead bug, cast skin or odor should not be the basis for treatment. Although others may simply identify what you submit, few will provide further insight or an opportunity to ask direct questions. We will offer you our assessment and guidance as to what steps are justified in your specific case, and will respond to your specific questions

You can upload images to other so-called “identification” websites and wait for someone from the general community to respond or try to match your images and samples with a set of seemingly related ones yourself. You may then have to wait for days or weeks for an actual response, and even then you have no way to know the expertise or the financial agenda of that person. Many pest control representatives have the necessary expertise and integrity, but as in any business a few may have neither. We are independent and are not influenced by manufacturers, vendors or service providers. We also offer a mobile device optimized method for browsing our information and for sending us specimens from a camera-equipped cell phone.

Some companies now offer to test a swab sample for bed bug DNA. Such a test, if accurate, would simply alert you that the sample was from a bed bug. It would not inform you whether this suggests an active infestation or that you’ve merely found a relic from years earlier. Furthermore, if not performed under ideal conditions, the test may suffer from contamination within the testing facility. A small bit of DNA from another sample can easily influence the results of your test. Our assessments are based upon more a more complete set of indicators, and we’ll put our results into proper perspective for you.

IdentifyUS LLC Others
Expertise All samples are evaluated by a PhD trained in entomology and parasitology who has identified tens of thousands of samples Varies considerably from expert to inept. Many such assessments are made by individuals with no pertinent training whatsoever
Independence Our assessments are not influenced by manufacturers, vendors or service providers Manufacturers and vendors may attempt to influence you to purchase their products. Pest control companies may lack staff with sufficient expertise, or may err on the side of recommending a service contract
Response Time Usually minutes to hours Days or weeks
Followup We fully respond to your questions and concerns Generally none

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