1. Have you already submitted the tick (and/or images of the tick) to IdentifyUS along with a Specimen Evaluation form?  If not, then you must first complete a specimen evaluation form and await our review and written response.

2. If you have already submitted the specimen (or images) and received back a report with our findings, and based on that information have decided you want the tick tested for pathogens, then, proceed by completing the Tick Test Authorization form.

Special Notice!

IdentifyUS will be on a temporary break of services between June 4-26, 2024. During this time, physical and digital specimens will NOT be evaluated. Any samples received during this interval will be held securely until we reopen for specimen submissions later in the month. Submit samples during that time ONLY if you agree to wait for a response until we reopen at the end of June. We’ll process any samples and images placed on hold soon after our return. Please plan accordingly. We look forward to serving you before and after this temporary break in identifying and evaluating your specimens. 

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