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Biology and Management

Ticks are blood-feeding pests of people, pets and wildlife. Their activity tends to be focused seasonally and in particular kinds of habitats. The prevalence and distribution of tick-borne diseases have increased dramatically during recent decades. IdentifyUS offers basic information about the biology and management of ticks to help you understand how you might reduce your risks of encountering ticks and of acquiring tick borne disease. We also will identify and assess physical specimens you send or digital images you upload. To the extent possible (considering the condition of the specimen and quality of images) we’ll identify the kind (species) of tick, its stage of development and its sex, and will estimate (when possible) how many days the tick had fed. These findings, when taken into consideration with other information you provide, can help us offer you a reasonable means to assess the risk of tick-borne disease. Should you so desire, we can also facilitate testing of the tick for a diverse array of viral, bacterial and protozoal tick-borne infections.

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