Specimen Evaluation

IdentifyUS, LLC offers expert identification of bed bugs, head liceticks, fleas, flies, mites and other pests & parasites. You can submit digital images of a specimen using the online version of our Specimen Evaluation Form. The same form URL is available to smartphone or tablet users too! 

You can also utilize our Customer Support Web Portal to create a support account with us and to attach and send us specimen images with your comments. If you use our Customer Support Portal, don't forget to attach an electronic (Acrobat PDF) copy any Specimen Evaluation Form we provide to you along with your images and comments. Because this is a fee-for-service, we will invoice you prior to reporting back the results of our examination.

If we can not make a determination based on the initial image(s) you send us, we will contact you for more information including either better images of your specimen(s) and/or a physical sample that you can send directly to us for analysis. Remember to always include your contact information in your correspondence with us so that we can reply quickly. An email address and a phone number are critical to getting a fast response. 

NOTE: IdentifyUS will be operating on a holiday schedule from JAN 4-20th in 2023 which means we might not be able to offer rapid turnaround time on all Specimen Evaluations. 

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