File & Image Uploads

You can send us digital image files associated with a specimen that you would like us to identify. We suggest reading our tips and tricks on submitting images before uploading your files. Note that this is a fee based service and you will be charged once the evaluation of your specimen is complete. 

We recommend completing our online Specimen Evaluation Form first, read it over to make sure you understand the terms associated with our identification services, and then upload up to 4 digital images with the online form. Please use a file naming convention that includes your initials in each and every filename that you upload so that we can more easily associate all your files together should they inadvertently get separated. 

When you submit digital images via one of our Specimen Evaluation Forms, you will receive an email from us to acknowledge the receipt and processing of your files. If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, please contact us again directly to make sure your sample was submitted correctly and that it was received by IdentifyUS.

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