Expert pest identification and guidance

  • Information, insight & guidance to help you identify & manage pest problems
  • Information about the biology and management of bed bugs
  • Guidance on managing head lice and nit problems
  • Expert & rapid identification of  ticks, fleas, mites and other insects
  • Fast, accurate identification services to help you quickly & positively identify pests
  • Ability to submit specimen pictures straight from your smart phone or mobile device 
  • Consulting services to identify and manage difficult pest problems
  • Coordination & consultation on remediation efforts including bid proposal preparation, bid review & contract management services when you require third party intervention
  • Expert witness services
  • Pro Bono specimen evaluations for those in need
  • Journalists are invited to contact us for more information on newsworthy pest problems
  • Find out why IdentifyUS is different from other service providers

What customers are saying about us

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SPECIAL NOTICE: IdentifyUS will be on a brief vacation from August 25th through Sept 10, 2023

Any samples sent to us during this time will be held securely, and each one will be evaluated as soon as we resume normal operations. 

During this time, we’ll respond to digital submissions and emails as quickly as possible. 

Thank you for your understanding and support.

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