Pro Bono Work

Do you find yourself confronting a suspected pest infestation with no where to turn and no resources to seek out the level of professional help and support you need? Contact IdentifyUS and let us know why you need our help. We try to provide low-cost, no-cost specimen identification and evaluation services for those who may not be able to afford our normal, modest fee schedule. 

Have you found our information, resources and services to be helpful?  If so, you can help us help others.  Although we try to offer as many pro bono evaluations as possible, we still have to cover the costs associated with each one.  Some people in need don't have the resources to cover the nominal costs to have specimens evaluated.  You can help subsidize the services we provide to others and also help us expand our services to cover additional pest related topics.  Click on the Donate button below to provide funds to help our cause or use the Suggestions button to submit comments on other services you'd like to see us provide.  Thanks!

Your generosity supports our Pro Bono work and helps others in the process!

Thank you!

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