What might you do when returning from a visit to a bed bug infested residence?

Travelers increasingly encounter bed bugs during their stays away from home. If signs of bed bugs were observed or suspected, consider the possibility that you may have unwittingly transported bed bugs or their eggs in your luggage and other personal effects. Clothing should be laundered in a manner to kill bugs and their eggs before or as soon as these items are brought back into the home. Suitcases should be carefully inspected, scrubbed with a stiff brush, and thoroughly vacuumed. Leaving such luggage for several hours in a closed vehicle in full summer sun may render the items bug free.

Practice 'safe visiting'  When visiting the homes of others, avoid placing your coat or belongings upon a bed, sofa or other furniture that may harbor bed bugs. If you must bring your coat inside, hang it on a hook on the back of a door, or elsewhere away from sleeping areas. Similarly, keep purses, briefcases and other such items off and away from such sleeping areas. When others visit your home, do not pile their own coats and belongings on your own bed.

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