What about non-human lice?

Non-human lice frequent many other kinds of animals. Lice are specific as to the kind of hosts on which they will reside and feed. Just as human lice solely infest people, lice of other animals infest their specific kinds of hosts. Hence, dog lice are restricted to dogs, rodent lice are limited to rodents, and bird lice feed only on their bird hosts. Similarly, elephants are endowed with elephant lice, and sea lions with sea lion lice. None of these other lice are of any concern to people.

If you require assistance in the identification of any type of suspected lice infestation, you may submit specimens to IdentifyUS for further analysis and confirmation as to the species in question using our Specimen Evaluation Form.


A louse of cats, Felicola, with louse egg attached to cat hair.

Photo by Alan R Walker (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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