What other types of mites could be biting me?

Several kinds of mites cause occasional irritation and dermatitis amongst those persons exposed.

Straw itch mites (Pyemotes tritici, Pyemotes ventricosus) are parasites of some grain-boring and wood-infesting insects. These small mites normally feed upon insects and suck hemolymph from those hosts. The body of each mite swells massively while it engorges. People exposed to the mites may suffer severe irritation from their bites. Such irritation is usually an occupational hazard, but outbreaks of bites and the resulting characteristic lesions can occur in residential settings. Recent reports have described bites from these mites that were associated with insects within wood furniture. These mites won’t thrive without their insect hosts, but they may continue to pester people as long as their hosts are present.

Grain mites and cheese mites:  Several kinds of mites are associated with certain stored food items, and these mites may cause dermatitis or other irritation for those persons exposed. These are more often encountered in industrial settings, but may also occasionally be recognized as concerns in some homes. Properly storing foods and enhancing sanitation is usually all that is necessary to abate problems from these mites. 

Cheese mite

The Cheese Mite (Tyrophagus putrescentiae) is common on plant leaves, stored grain and animal feed. Magnified 400X.

By United States Department of Agriculture ([1]) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Here is a list of mites associated with cutaneous reactions.

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