Why do mosquitoes bite?

Adult female mosquitoes do not need blood to survive, but many require blood to produce each brood of eggs.  Those of a few species are capable of producing eggs without a blood meal. Because they don’t pester people, these are rarely noticed by anyone other than a mosquito biologist. Of those that do blood feed, most focus their bites on specific kinds of hosts.  For instance, many kinds of mosquitoes almost exclusively feed upon birds.  Yet others focus their bites on frogs, turtles, and even fish (mudskippers).  Several kinds are attracted to mammals.  Whereas some have little regard whether the host is a cow, dog or person, others target their bites far more narrowly on just certain kinds of mammals.  Only a few seem to prefer a human being rather than another kind of mammal.  Those that feed on people cause considerable consternation.

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