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Affiliates earn a commission on Specimen Evaluation Form referrals sent to IdentifyUS. We provide interested parties with a snippet of code that you can embed on your own website that will direct your customers to an easy-to-use, online, co-branded  Specimen Evaluation Form. If your end user audience has any interest in identifying a pest for whatever reason, consider joining our affiliate program. It's a great way to engage your customers to the benefit of all parties.

We keep track of submissions/referrals coming from your website and pay a monthly commission for all new and recurring paying customers you send our way. There is nothing you have to do except host a web page with some code that offers IdentifyUS specimen evaluation services. This is an ideal way to earn additional revenue with minimal effort while offering a valuable service to your customer base. The benefit of utilizing IdentifyUS for this service is that we offer independent, objective third party expertise and have no bias to sell or recommend additional and potentially unnecessary products or services. Customers receive a fast, detailed response from IdentifyUS and can make informed decisions on how to proceed once a positive identification of the pest or species in question has been made.  Learn more about becoming an affiliate here.


IdentifyUS is actively developing a network of experts in various fields of study who have the skill sets necessary to perform visual identification of any type of subject matter or niche species. By unifying expert identification skills under a single, centralized brand, we make it easy to for consumers, businesses and government organizations to quickly and effectively find and tap into a world-class knowledge base of identification skills. 

At present we are concentrating on insect and arthropod pest species and we are working on adding expertise in our plant and animal species identification programs as well, starting with invasive species and diversifying from there. The 'umbrella' organization of IdentifyUS provides a unified hardware, software and communications architecture that enables you, the expert in your field, to participate in and collaborate with an extensive worldwide customer base without have to re-invent the wheel on how to do this on your own. Think of it as an entire universe of potential field data collection assistants that will pay  you to render an educated opinion on what it is they are holding in their hands or are looking at. You concentrate on what you do best, identifying niche subject matter, and let us handle the rest of the back-end computer stuff, networking, database, image handling, etc.

By joining our network of specialists you'll have the IdentifyUS brand backing you up, while in return for your services you receive compensation for specimen samples you successfully identify on our behalf.  Learn more about partner opportunities here.


Contributors can be individuals or organizations that share resources on the IdentifyUS website. Examples include professional or hobbyist photographers that have libraries of unique and interesting images of subject matter that can support our identification services, or vendors that supply products to support the collection, identification and distribution of specimen samples that support our work. Contributors receive no direct compensation, but instead get placement of their products or body of work in front of the worldwide IdentifyUS audience. Generally this includes URL links back to the individual contributor's source materials, attribution for images, graphics, pictures, diagrams or other content that you willingly allow us to present to our audience while crediting you. In some cases, contributors may also elect to participate in our Affiliate or Partner programs as well if that makes sense in any given situation. Learn more about becoming an IdentifyUS contributor here

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