Affiliate Program

Affiliates can earn a commission on Specimen Evaluation Form referrals sent to IdentifyUS. We provide interested parties with a snippet of code that you can embed on your own website that will direct your customers to an easy-to-use, online, co-branded  Specimen Evaluation Form. If your end user audience has any interest in identifying a pest for whatever reason, consider joining our affiliates program.

We keep track of submissions/referrals coming from your website and pay a monthly commission for all new and recurring paying customers you send our way. There is nothing you have to do except host (or link to) a web page with some code that offers IdentifyUS specimen evaluation services. This is an ideal way to earn additional revenue with minimal effort while offering a valuable service to your customer base. The benefit of utilizing IdentifyUS for this service is that we offer independent, objective third party expertise and have no bias to sell or recommend additional and potentially unnecessary products or services. Customers receive a fast, detailed response from IdentifyUS and can make informed decisions on how to proceed once a positive identification of the pest or species in question has been made 

Candidates for Affiliate Program Status

  • Schools and School Nurses - any school website can offer parents, students and school nurses quick and easy access to an independent expert who will authoritatively be able to identify nuisance pests like head lice, bed bugs, ticks and fleas.
  • Pest Control Companies - that prefer to offer an independent identification expert
  • Travel agencies/blogs/websites - that want to offer the traveling public an expert resource for identifying pests that travelers may come across on their domestic or international trips
  • Veterinarians - that want to offer added services for their customer base that will save them time and effort when people are able to bring in their pets with an accurate identification of a potential pest threat already in hand
  • Physcians, medical practioners - who want to offer patients quick turnaround on authoritative arthropod IDs. Imagine a patient that has received a bug bite and has already submitted the speciment sample for identification prior to reaching the physcian's office seeking medical advice?
  • Hospitals - save time and money by outsourcing pest species identifications before patients arrive for treatment
  • Laboratories - that do not have the in-house expertise for such a broad range of species identification
  • Public Health agencies/organizations - to supplement field data collection and monitoring efforts

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For more information on how to get started and to register for you own Specimen Evaluation Form submission code that you can embed and co-brand on your own website contact us today. It's fast and easy! 

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