Partner Program

IdentifyUS is putting together a network of experts in various fields of study who have the skill sets necessary to perform visual identification of any type of subject matter. At present we are concentrating on insect and arthropod pest species and we are interested in adding expertise in our plant and animal species identification programs. IdentifyUS provides the hardware, software and communications architecture that enables you to participate in and collaborate with our network of specialists. In return you receive compensation for specimen samples you successfully identify on our behalf.  

Candidates for Partner Program Status

  • Experts in a particular field of study - you have the credentials and experience to authoritatively identify certain plants or animals at the genus and species level
  • Cooperative Extension Services - migrate to a fee-for-service model using our proven methodology and web based infrastructure
  • Government Agencies - that want to offer added services for their customer base without carrying the added overhead of expert staff, web administration, etc.

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If the Partner program doesn't seem like a match for you, check out our Affiliate Program too...

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