Bed Bugs and Beyond Consultants

Bed Bugs and Beyond Consultants (BBBC) is a nationally trusted, non biased, consulting firm offering 24/7 services for immediate bed bug elimination, education, counseling and expert advice.  BBBC helps consumers and businesses find & obtain reputable bed bug service providers including those that offer: Vikane Fumigation, K-9 Scent Detection, Traditional Pest Control and Moving/Preparation Services. Of course we are also pleased that Bed Bugs and Beyond Consultants has chosen to offer IdentifyUS's bed bug identification skills and expertise to their growing customer base. By embedding the IdentifyUS Specimen Evaluation Form directly on their website, BBBC provides their customers with an objective, third-party expert resource that will help them determine exactly what type of pest problem they are facing with a fast and accurate review of physical specimens and/or digital images of suspected bed bug and other pest populations.

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