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RNsights is a professional online and mobile enabled community for nurses. RNsights provides a platform that facilitates collaboration, peer discussion, expert opinion and problem resolution on a variety of clinical and non-clinical nursing-related matters. RNsights provides nurses the opportunity to engage with and influence the industries serving and supporting their profession. Through RNsights, nurses gain a safe, secure and private venue to discuss and resolve work-related challenges with like-minded peers in an anonymous fashion.

IdentifyUS is pleased that RNsights has chosen to add IdentifyUS expertise and skills to their solution mix for nurses. Nurses that are members of the RNsights network have direct access to IdentifyUS Specimen Evaluation Forms without leaving the RNsights web site. Nurses often have questions about public health related topics involving bed bugs, head lice, and other pests and parasites that IdentifyUS will be able to answer in a direct and timely manner via access to our knowledge base. 

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